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Atlas Slim Battery-Wall 48V/160Ah 7.6 KWH


Atlas Slim Battery-Wall

48V/160Ah 7.6kwh

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Product Description:

Ultra Slim Powerwall with a 5.5”  thin Profile with a Versatile removable back the first of its Kind. The thin Powerwall with BlueTooth Technology allows you to check the SOC SOH of your Batteries from anywhere. The Thin powerwall consists of the Safest  Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry LFP; LifePO4) The Atlas Ultra Slim batteries can be easily integrated into a new or existing PV system to support back-up, Off-Grid, Self-supply, Time-of-Use or Demand Curtailment applications. The New Sleek design can complement any setting.

  • Wireless Technology (Bluetooth, Wifi, GSM) Monitoring App.

  • Connected up to 15 Atlas Ultra-thin Powerwalls in parallel.

  • Connected up to 15 Atlas Ultra-thin PowerWalls in parallel.

  • Wide range of  Inverter brands. At