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Atlas Lithium Battery 12V/50Ah LiFePO4


Atlas Lithium Battery


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Product Description:

Made from lithium iron phosphate, the safest and highest grade of lithium. The Lifepo4 Chemistry outperforms traditional AGM, Lead acid, and Wet batteries. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that by replacing your lead acid, agm batteries you're making the right choice.

The Atlas 12V collection has many great features and applications for energy storage, for your RV, and auxiliary power.

Enjoy all these super benefits of lead-acid:

Possibly the last 12V Battery you will ever buy!

  • Longer life – Limited lifetime warranty*

  • Maintenance Free – Retains a longer charge

  • Fast Charging 20% faster charging with a Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Longer Run Time – Camp longer, lift and dump more on a single charge.

  • 100A continuous output.

  • Bluetooth Monitoring

  • Weight 26 lbs

  • 10.23”x6.6”x8.22”

  • 12.8V/100Ah/1280Wh

  • Up to 4 in Parallel

  • Up to 4 in Series

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