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Atlas Battery-Wall 48V/100Ah 5KW


Atlas Battery-Wall

48V/100Ah 5kwh

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Product Description:

This new arrival is the world's first lithium solar battery with an LCD touchscreen. The Lifepo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry ensures the longest-lasting & safest technology on the market. Atlas Energy Solutions meet the changing needs of a sophisticated market.  Compatible with a wide range of branded inverters, such as Atlas Hybrid, Growatt, SMA, Victron, and so many more.  With the unique design of a user-friendly LCD touch screen and industry-leading smart monitoring system & now Bluetooth Communication,  The Atlas Arrow lithium battery with built-in BMS is your premium choice for the energy battery storage system.

It will probably be the last battery you ever have to buy!

  • Wireless Technology (Bluetooth, Wifi, GSM) Monitoring App.

  • Scalability with up to 15pc in Parallel. 72 KWH

  • Built-in 125A Breaker for Safety & Distribution protection.

  • 100A VCharge-Discharge Current (A)

  • Communication with a wide range of  Inverter brands; Atlas Growatt, SMA, Victron, Lux & so many more.

  • IEC62619, UL, TUV, CE, ROHS, UN38.3,EMC,MSDS Certified.

  • 10-year or 6000 Cycle Life.


W 19.09 x 25.59 H x 9.05D

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