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Atlas RS Batteries 6Ah


Atlas RS Batteries 6Ah


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Designed using LiFeP04 lithium iron cells to deliver the highest cranking Amps Possible in all climates.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) is the most robust, safestand abuse tolerant lithium based battery on the market.

Over 3000 discharge and charge cycles on top of over 50,000 start cycles. Ten times the average SLA or AGM battery.

Built with an Integrated Smart Battery Management System (SBMS) to fully protect you from overcharging or short circuiting.

Over discharge protection with DYnamic cell balancing for maximum performance in any condition.

4 Solid copper threaded terminals for ease of installation and positive connection.

Rapid Fast charging can be fully charged from 100% discharged in one and a half hours.

Will hold a full charge for up to one year without the need for a float charger.


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