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Atlas Expandable Energy Storage Cabinet

Atlas Expandable Energy Storage Cabinet

Expandable Energy Storage Cabinet

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This product is specially designed to reduce the complexity of the connection between batteries or battery to inverter.

Making wire management a breeze.

It can be used with our company's Atlas Lithium Powerwalls & inverters for quick and clean wire management & fire safety protection or with any brand you choose.

Expand your energy storage easily with 1 Atlas 16.73”x 25.82”x33.85” Waterproof cabinet from 5kwh to 22.8kwh quickly and easily with Atlas slim & arrow Powerwalls.

No multiple battery cable connections, Just Mount Battery enclosure and hang Atlas powerwall of your choice.

This carbon-steel enclosure is a NEMA 3R-rated weather-resistant battery bank housing and wiring solution with room to  hold up to1 5kwh powerwall or up to 3 7.6kwh Slims or 1 10kwh Powerwall or a  Inverter of your choice.

The expandable stackable Lithium Battery Storage Cabinets makes adding multiple Batteries or additional Inverters to your Energy Storage Solution quick, attractive and super simple.

This enclosure can easily mount on any wall and you can add multiple Atlas battery cabinets or Hybrids together to grow your Battery Energy Storage System.

Expandable free standing Stand is available. (see us for details)

The Atlas carbon-steel enclosure is a weather-resistant battery bank housing and wiring solution with built-in quick mount for any Atlas Powerwall or Hybrid Inverter solution


  • NEMA 3R-rated, weather-resistant carbon steel enclosures are easily installed and assembled.

  • Corrosion-resistant fans prevent Atlas lithium Powerwalls from reaching a maximum 120°F charging temperature.

  • 16.73”x 25.82”x33.85” Water proof cabinet

  • Quick easy mounting and expandability

  • Secure lockable front door makes it safe and convenient.

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